April 25, 2017

So after a week shooting for Capo di Famiglia I had one day off to prepare for the next production -> CEFD, which stands for "Chinese Entrepreneurship For Dummies". So I guess you understand why the abbreviation :D This is probably by far the most craziest production I have ever done. My character got to chew bubblegum and rollerskate in all her scenes. Two things I love to do :)

 I am super curious for the end results because the storyline is crazy and location was even weirder (in a good way). So now all I can do is wait till post production is done :D

April 20, 2017

 It's almost a wrap for Capo Di Famiglia. Just 1 more day in May and then it is done for this short film as well. Can't say much yet but family drama is a pretty common theme in this short :D

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