June 26, 2016

I got casted a leading role in a UK pilot that is shooting in the Netherlands. This weekend we shot the first couple of scenes! Can't say much but I can say it was a lot of dirt and fun! 

June 7, 2016

I am so happy to have worked with this amazing cinematographer Brian van Dijk on his short film "Gone". He just got accepted to the Film Academy in Amsterdam and you can understand why as this guy has a great eye for visual imaging. I wish him all the best and hope to soon work with him again! 

June 2, 2016

For My Røde Reel competition 2016, Alltheway Creative decided to send in a shorter version of the not yet finished short film "When Every Minute Counts". For this competition it is required that the footage is no longer than 3mins. I had not yet seen footage from this short and I must say I am very impressed by how in 3 minutes they were able to set an intense and conflicting message. I am proud to be part of this production. Now finger crossed!

If you want you can still vote & share "When Every Minute Counts"


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