May 30, 2016

Together with a fantastic and talented crew & my partner in crime, Yaron Mesika - who is btw an amazing actor - we were able to finish this intense and awesome short film "On The Edge". This is probably the most challenging character that I had to play in that we had three shooting days and they were all planned during the night. So we started at around 11pm and then finished at about 4.30am. Very intense but I had a blast making this short. Can't wait for the Premiere :D

Check out the Facebook page for updates about the post production:

May 29, 2016

The short film "Blood Results" by Lotte van de Langerijt was a fun piece to do. Two awesome locations of which one was on my bucketlist = to do a shoot underwater :D I am curious how it all looks on the screen!

May 18, 2016

I got do another music video this year and this time for a Dutch folk singer, Davey van der Sluis with his new single "Stop, Wacht, Blijf".

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