Nastassia Firestone was born in Amsterdam but grew up most of her life in England, America and Germany. At a young age she got accepted in the National Ballet Academy at the Amsterdam School of the Arts where she discovered her love for performing. In addition, she was also selected as one of the talents in the Dutch Figure Skating Federation (KNSB).  
After stopping as a competitive figure skater Nastassia wanted to learn more about performing and took an acting degree at the University of California Los Angeles. Here Nastassia discovered her love for acting and very soon after signed with an agency, where she got multiple roles in short films, feature films and international commercials.
In 2018 Nastassia was seen in the new international feature film THE CONDUCTOR and independent feature film RESONANCE. In 2017 Nastassia was seen in the international feature film THE FOX and THE GAME. Commercials that Nastassia can ben seen in are HUNKY DORYS, ADIDAS & NESTLÉ.
Besides acting Nastassia is still active as an artist in figure skating, roller blading and dancing.

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